7 Effective Ways To Cool Down Your Hot Home

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7 Effective Ways to Cool Down Your Hot Home

Evansville, Indiana summers are long, hot and muggy, which can be challenging for keeping your home cool and comfortable. Fortunately, Brackett Heating, Air & Plumbing has some helpful tips to help cool your house down when the temperatures are creeping up outside. 

Here are seven effective ways to cool down your home, so you stay comfortable this summer season:

1. Installing a programmable thermostat is one easy way to keep your home at the inside temperature you prefer. When your thermostat can be programmed to run the AC according to the times the home is occupied, everyone can be cool and comfortable, and you can reduce energy usage, which reduces utility costs. 

2. Even simpler, close the curtains and blinds to keep the sunlight out and prevent heat from entering your home. Using light-colored curtains to reflect the sunlight is also beneficial and will help keep your home cooler.

3. Install ceiling fans where possible. These are an effective way to circulate cool air throughout your home and when used in conjunction with your air conditioning system, your home will be cooler and energy consumption will decrease.  

4. Using natural ventilation by opening windows and doors to let in a breeze sounds inviting and may be useful to keep air circulating. However, beware of those especially muggy days when you will also allow the added moisture from outside to come inside. The bottom line is to weigh the benefits of that natural breeze against the level of outdoor humidity before putting those windows up!

5. When updating household appliances or scheduling a new AC installation, choose brands and models that are the most energy efficient that fit your budget. Energy-efficient appliances, such as air conditioners, can help reduce your energy consumption and lower your energy bills. Look for appliances with an Energy Star rating to ensure maximum efficiency.

6. Properly placed landscaping such as trees and shrubs around your home to provide shade can reduce the heat entering through windows and into attic spaces. For example, use trellises or shading devices on the south-facing windows to block the sun’s rays.

7. Make sure there are no gaps around doors or windows. Even the smallest openings can allow air conditioned air to escape to the outside and the heat to come inside your home.

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