Why Are My Utility Bills So High?

Reason #1: Inefficient Heating and Cooling Equipment

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for between 50% – 60% of the average American household’s energy budget? To maximize your resources, the one thing you can do that will make the greatest impact is to replace your old, inefficient home comfort system with a new, more efficient one.  

HVAC technology improvements make it easy to reduce your overall energy usage and costs. For example, you can purchase a gas furnace that is now up to 95% efficient, which translates to a better use of your energy dollars and more money staying in your pocket. 

Updated SEER ratings that differentiate between geographical regions in the U.S. mean that the lowest SEER for air conditioners that can be purchased in the Evansville area is 14. To break this down, for every numerical increase in SEER, you save approximately 10% in energy costs. Updating your older 8 or even 10 SEER system can save several hundred dollars per year.

Reason #2: Lack of Regular Maintenance

Less than half of U.S. homeowners have regular tune-ups for their HVAC equipment, meaning they do not take the time to ensure their home heating and cooling units are properly cleaned and maintained. 

Regularly scheduled maintenance is an easy way to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and at peak performance. It also allows the technician to discover and repair broken or malfunctioning parts before they become major challenges. Neglecting to properly care for it can cause premature system failure as well as void most manufacturers’ warranties.

During a tune-up, the system is thoroughly checked and cleaned, including blower motors, valves, connectors, compressors and filters.

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