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Breathe Easier with Healthy Indoor Air Quality

While the temperature of the air in your home is the first step toward comfort, the quality of the air you breathe contributes to greater comfort, better health and energy savings.

In the Evansville area, we’re familiar with the ravages of the allergy seasons. Have you ever found yourself outdoors suffering from allergies only to find comfort upon entering a building with a quality air filtration system? It’s like someone created an “off-switch” for your runny nose and sneezing fits!

That kind of relief is available for your home too. Our air filtration systems and duct cleaning service can give you clean-air comfort year-round so that you can breathe freely, keep your home cleaner and rest easily knowing you’re protecting the health of your loved ones.

A whole-house humidification system offers comfort in the dry winter months by regulating humidity throughout your home. You’ll find yourself breathing easier and not suffering from a dry nose and throat or cracked skin.

But did you know that a humidification system also helps you reduce your energy bill?

It’s true. Low humidity tends to make us feel cooler.

If you’ve ever traveled to an area with a dry climate, you’ve probably noticed that you can step into the shade on a hot day and suddenly feel comfortable.

In the winter, a dry climate in the home tends to make us feel colder. So what do we do? We turn the heat up. But that lowers the humidity even more. It’s a viscous cycle.

By adding a whole house humidification system to your furnace, you add humidity to your home while making the air more comfortable at lower temperatures. Your nose and throat will thank you – not to mention the wood furniture and flooring throughout you home which often cracks in dry conditions.

To enjoy the benefits of:
Brackett Heating, Air & Plumbing offers the industry’s leading heat pumps that can revolutionize the way you heat and cool your home. With SEER ratings up to 23.5 and HSPF ratings up to 10.2, these units consume energy responsibly while providing superior comfort and quiet operation. Coupled with a matching Air Handler, Brackett Heating, Air & Plumbing offers whole home heating or cooling solutions that are unequaled.

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