Whole Home Humidifier

Benefits of Having a Whole Home Humidifier

Homeowners are often faced with excess moisture problems in their property. Dampness and condensation issues are common and many are aware of the harmful effects of living with excess moisture in the home. A little less known are the effects that dry air can have on a home and why a whole house humidifier might be the perfect solution.

What’s the Problem with Dry Indoor Air?

Having low moisture levels in your home can cause skin irritations, sore throats and in extreme cases, even respiratory problems have resulted from excessively dry air. And it’s not just your health that’s at stake. Having your furnishings constantly exposed to a dry environment drains the moisture out of wooden furniture and floors causing warping and cracking and wall paper to peel.

Houses that use gas heat furnaces and hot water heaters can often find dry air to be a recurring problem. Several pounds of water moisture can be absorbed through forced gas heat systems each day which makes for a very difficult environment to regulate.

Getting indoor humidity levels perfect can seem like a juggling act at times. You want to be warm and dry without pulling all the moisture out of the surrounding air. Opening windows and doors to match your indoor environment with the outdoors may seem like a good solution in comparison to a humidifier. However, Southern Indiana air quality is known to be poor during spring, summer and even early fall. For the majority of the year, ozone pollution and fine particulate pollution are problems in this area. It’s no surprise that achieving good in-home air quality can be challenging at times.

What Can I Do About Dry Indoor Air?

To achieve optimal levels of moisture in the home (usually 30%-60% relative humidity levels) the use of an indoor humidifier system is recommended. Unlike portable humidifiers that often require constant cleaning and maintenance and can only benefit one room, whole-home humidifier systems help improve the humidity levels of your entire house.

Benefits of Healthy Climate Whole-Home Humidifiers

Healthy Climate humidifiers are a whole-home humidifier system that can greatly enhance your homes environment. They work to balance indoor humidity levels and help safeguard against the air becoming too moist or too dry. Working together with your central comfort system, Healthy Climate humidifiers help to maintain ideal moisture levels that provide your family with a healthier home and enhanced comfort whilst preserving the condition of your belongings. Using the evaporative humidification process, they introduce moisture into the home in the form of water vapor. Moisture is distributed throughout the home which prevents the build-up of minerals, bacteria and mold. This helps reduce the amount of maintenance required to achieve superior comfort. With three capacities and two control options, you can rely on Healthy Climate to satisfy your home’s needs.

When the Healthy Climate system is combined with Lennox air filtration systems and heating / cooling systems, the result is a consistently perfect indoor environment that you have complete control over. Lennox prides itself in offering air quality products that provide comfort your whole family can enjoy with efficient, integrated systems that are economical to operate. Once operational, the systems automatic control works continuously to purify the air in your home which can protect the health of your family even while they sleep.

If your home could benefit from an air purification system, contact a Lennox representative to arrange a professional Evansville Heating and Air Contractor to visit your home. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide you with the optimal air quality solution to suit your needs. Call us to get your humidifier solutions now.

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