Which Generator Is Right For My Home?

Which Generator Is Right For My Home

Which Generator Is Right for My Home?

Most of us don’t think about a power outage until we have to. By then, possible crises are upon us and the solutions may be sparse. Whether your neighborhood is hardly ever affected by extreme weather events, or you tend to fly by the seat of your pants, preparing for electrical outages is a good idea.

Why Get a Generator?

The reasons for having a generator in any season are many. Experiencing a power outage during the summer means your air conditioning is suddenly cut-off and if you rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry, flooding is likely with no means to pump the water out. Both winter and summer power outages mean your refrigerator is off, which means food is wasted due to spoilage and no one with an electric water heater is getting a hot shower. Even worse, winter electrical outages mean no heat, which can be dangerous for you, but it also puts your plumbing at risk for frozen and bursting pipes.

What Kind Should I Choose?

There are two types of generators: portable units that typically operate by gasoline and whole-house generators, such as Generac, which are hardwired into your home and are dual-fueled. This means they can operate by either natural or liquid propane gas. During your Generac generator installation, the technician simply flips a switch to signify to the unit which fuel type will be used. Brackett Heating & Air is a trusted dealer of Generac generators.

Generac generators come in a range of sizes. Determining which generator is right for your home depends on your wants and needs and your budget. For example, the average home can be sustained during an outage with a 20kW generator. If you want more power, you have options even up to 150kW. 

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