15 Reasons to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned This Fall

Fall. Beautiful and nostalgic. Also known as Autumn, this season is loved and loathed in almost equal measures. Fall is a season heralded for cooler weather with a slight chill, which can provide a perfect time to go outside and engage in outdoor activities like a mountain hike. But wait! This season also marks the onset of the cold winter season.

Although many of us look forward to Fall; it is important to remember your air ducts this season:


Why You Need to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned This Fall


  1. Your home is a sanctuary
    Did you know that according to an EPA survey, about 90 percent of your time is spent indoors? Yes, you got that right! Most Americans spent more time at home, thanks to technology and the rising need to work from home. See, your home is a sanctuary that should give you peace of mind. Therefore, get your air ducts cleaned this Fall to start a new year in style with a rejuvenated energy.
  1. New Year, New Beginnings
    You may be wondering and asking, is air duct cleaning necessary? Or perhaps you may have read somewhere that you don’t need your air ducts cleaned often. That is true! However, whereas you have the freedom to decide when to clean your air ducts, you must do it in the Fall to allow you to start a new year with fresh air. A clean home with clean air ducts is more allows for a clean and comfortable environment.
  1. Air duct cleaning helps to reduce allergies and asthma
    Fresh air circulation free from allergens, pollen grains, spores, and dust can help alleviate asthmatic symptoms. Plus, suggest that young children who fail to experience asthma conditions beyond 3-6 years are less likely to become asthmatic in adulthood. Make you and your family’s health a priority this season.
  1. Air duct cleaning removes mold and freshens up the air
    Some molds are toxic. They produce a substance known as mycotoxins, which causes neurological problems or death in extreme cases. The mold growth is a clear signal that your ducts should be cleaned this autumn before you get trapped in unclean air during the cold winter season. Cleaning your air duct will help to protect your throat, lungs, and respiratory system.
  1. Pets’ fur may accumulate in the ducts
    Pet owners know that frequent cleaning is essential in keeping the home clean and tidy. Animal fur is light and airborne. As a result, they get carried away and may end up accumulating in the air ducts. In-haling air laced with hair may cause allergy to some of your family members, especially children. To avoid this, consider getting your air ducts cleaned this Fall.
  1. Moving to a new or recently remodeled home
    Moving into a new home is always exciting, especially if it is a new neighborhood. However, a recently remodeled home may have debris and dust in the air ducts due to renovation activities. Plus, the previous homeowner may not have cleaned the air ducts in recent times. Therefore, get your air ducts cleaned to make your home safe and with fresh air to keep your family healthy.
  1. You recently replaced your furnace
    Autumn is a beautiful season that transcends personal and environmental transformation. It is a time in the year when homeowners prepare adequately for the cold winter. Installation of a new fire furnace is another reason you need to clean your air ducts to prevent coil clogging, reducing its efficiency.
  1. Air duct cleaning improves your experience stay in the Tri-State Area
    During the Fall, the weather conditions in the Tri-State Area, may experience below normal weather conditions that require an HVAC system. So, don’t be caught unawares with air ducts full of debris, dirt, and smoke, which may reduce your heating and cooling system’s efficiency.
  1. Cleaning your air ducts help to reduce heating energy costs
    Air duct cleaning helps remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants that the HVAC system gets picked during your home’s heating and cooling. A clean air duct enables the HVAC to operate optimally and efficiently with fewer energy requirements. The result is a reduced energy cost and a long-lasting system.
  1. Get your air ducts cleaned if your home is old
    Century-old homes are available in most states in the US. Several are available in the Tri-State area. Don’t let the radiating charm of these old gems fade away because of clogged air ducts.
  1. Your family member is a smoker
    Smoke particles, like dirt, dust, and debris, can clog your air ducts and decrease indoor air quality in your home. Cleaning your air duct helps to freshen up the air in your home and reduce respiratory diseases’ dangers. It is crucial to note that frequent air duct cleaning is necessary if a smoker exists in the family.
  1. Air ducts are the HVAC indoor lungs
    The air ducts have been likened to the ‘lungs’ in the HVAC circulatory system. Cleaning air ducts improves ventilation of the HVAC system. Cleaning removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants that may pollute the air circulation. In effect, air quality improves, reducing the likelihood of allergies, respiratory diseases, and asthma among family members.
  1. Air duct cleaning removes bad smell and odor
    If you are like most homeowners, you will appreciate a clean and fresh indoor air ambiance. Nothing irritates like a bad smell and odor in a residential home. Fungus, bacteria, mold, and dead rodents in air ducts may produce bad smell and odor. Therefore, it is vital to clean your air ducts this Fall to enjoy fresh air in winter.
  1. Unexplained illness in the family
    If a family member frequently gets allergy-related illnesses without any apparent reason, it is time to consider getting your air ducts checked and cleaned. Pollen grains, mold spores, and animal fur are typically allergenic to some people. It would help if you kept the air ducts clean to reduce such preventable allergies and illnesses.
  1. Your ventilation system emits dust
    Besides mold growth, which is visible, the other reliable signal you shouldn’t ignore is dust emission from the vents. When your HVAC system emits dust into the room, then it is time to get your air ducts cleaned.


Bottom line

Air duct cleaning is an essential process beneficial to your family health and elongates the HVAC system’s lifespan. Don’t hesitate! Act now and schedule a call with us Fall to avoid inconveniencies that may face you in winter.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Air Duct Cleaning

Does Air Duct Cleaning work?

Yes, it works! There is a consensus that clean air ducts free from dirt, dust, allergenic materials like mold spores improve indoor air quality.

How do I Prevent Ducts Contamination?

Consider the use of quality filters recommended by the manufacturer as a preventive measure against air duct contamination. Additionally, change the filters regularly and replace clogged ones as directed by the manufacturer or a licensed air duct service provider. Plus, cooling coils and drain pipes should be cleaned by a professional service provider.

How often should I do air duct cleaning?

Typically, air duct cleaning should be done between 3-5 years. However, if you live in an older home, live with pets, a smoker, or a family member with a respiratory illness, cleaning the air duct should be done more frequently.