What is Involved in a Natural Gas Safety Inspection?

What is Involved in a Natural Gas Safety Inspection?

Like other furnaces needing yearly maintenance, gas furnace maintenance (or a natural gas safety inspection) is a must-do to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and safe. Inspections ensure no unknown gas leaks are allowing deadly carbon monoxide gas to lurk inside your home. It’s vital to have at least one carbon monoxide detector installed on every floor inside your home or business.

Natural gas has no smell. Usually an odorant additive is mixed with it to give it a smell similar to rotten eggs. It’s important to vacate the area immediately and call 911 should you smell natural gas.

Don’t let potential issues scare you from using natural gas to cook or to heat your home. When handled correctly, it’s an efficient and often less expensive way to keep your home cozy and warm throughout the Mid-Western winter. 

One component of gas furnace maintenance is a natural gas safety inspection. Properly checking the equipment and visible supply lines will provide peace of mind that every precaution is being given to ensure your home or business is being heated safely with natural gas. While localities may not require safety checks, or they may differ on the finer points of what is involved with a natural gas inspection, there are general requirements to keep in mind when an inspection is being conducted for your property.

  • It’s a great idea to have annual natural gas safety inspections to ensure your gas furnace is ready when you need it.

  • Any natural gas operated equipment and appliances should be checked, including gas supply lines, vents and chimneys.

  • Measuring the presence of gas inside and outside your home is also important.

  • Inspection of the gas supply pipes inside and outside your home for any signs of rust or corrosion may help prevent potential gas leaks.

Natural gas safety inspections are a quick way to make sure your gas furnace is running at its best. Worn or leaking parts will be replaced, so in this way, it’s like any other furnace maintenance. By having regular gas furnace maintenance, you may avoid dangerous leaks and find issues before they become expensive problems. 

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