What Does Furnace Maintenance Consist Of?

What Does Furnace Maintenance Consist Of?

What’s Involved with Furnace Maintenance?

If you want to shorten the life of your furnace, do this: never have proper furnace maintenance completed on it. Regular furnace maintenance is the single most important action to take to keep your furnace and entire heating system running as it should.

Brackett Heating & Air offers our family of clients a comprehensive maintenance program, which as with most well-rounded furnace maintenance, includes the following and more:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the components of the furnace to ensure parts aren’t worn or malfunctioning in any way. 
  • Cleaning dirt or soot from within the unit.
  • Checking for cracks, leaks or corrosion in the heat exchanger. 
  • Checking for good airflow, both into and out of the system.
  • Ensuring the blower’s access door is properly sealed.
  • Lubricating all moving parts to reduce friction and undue wear and tear on the components.
  • Changing the furnace air filter. 

What Are the Consequences of Neglecting Furnace Maintenance?

Besides the possibility of a premature furnace failure, there are several ramifications when furnace maintenance is ignored or performed haphazardly. 

  • When your furnace is not maintained regularly or thoroughly, the components must work harder to provide heat, causing the furnace to break down more often.
  • An overburdened furnace will use more energy to do its job costing you more in utility costs.
  • Regular maintenance provides opportunities to catch minor issues before they become major repairs.
  • A clean furnace helps with overall indoor air quality allowing your loved ones to breathe in purer air at home.
  • Scheduled maintenance keeps your furnace’s warranty intact. Most manufacturers require regular furnace maintenance by a trained HVAC professional to ensure needed repairs during the warranty period are covered. 

What Should You Do to Make Sure Your Furnace Is Protected?

To keep your furnace operating at peak performance so you and your family stay warm during the coldest months of winter, you need only make one phone call to Brackett Heating & Air. Our trained staff are ready to take your call and schedule one of our HVAC service technicians for your furnace maintenance or any heating system needs.

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