This is an Excellent Time to have Your AC and Furnace Checked Out, and Your Evansville HVAC Contractors Can Help

The cooler nights of September and October means we can give our air conditioners a break at night by simply opening some windows. However, that quickly changes and we soon find ourselves closing the windows and grabbing extra blankets for the bed. While this struggle happens at night, we see daytime temperatures rather high and still choose to keep our houses cooler by utilizing our air conditioners. Basically, this is the time of year when many households use both their heaters and air conditioners, often all in the same 24 hour period. It is during the change of seasons when we see a spike in the number of calls for annual system checks. This is perhaps due to the fact both furnaces and air conditioning units are being utilized at the same time, so both are on the mind of a homeowner. This is actually an excellent time to have your AC and furnace checked out, and your Evansville HVAC contractors can help.

No matter how old your HVAC system happens to be, you will stand to benefit from a check-up. For starters, a small problem that is discovered now is so much better than having it turn into a bigger problem down the road. For example, a faulty thermostat can be easily replaced if found during an inspection, but if it was not discovered it could lead to an emergency call in the dead of winter, costing you much more money and headaches. Additionally, regular services contribute to a system that runs smoother, saving you money in energy costs.

Don’t get caught with a heating emergency this winter, have your HVAC system checked out today.