Should I Turn Off My Mini Split in the Winter?

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Should I Turn Off My Mini Split in the Winter?

Many know about the versatility, convenience and cost savings there are to enjoy with mini-splits. You get a lot of HVAC punch in a small package. Let’s take a brief look at mini-split history.

In other parts of the world, mini-split technology is very well-known. They were developed in Japan in the early 1950s by Mitsubishi, a well-known name in the HVAC industry. Since homes tend to be smaller, a home comfort option was designed to meet that need. In some countries, mini-splits may be the only choice wherever heating or cooling is needed. 

Mini-splits are now found in many homes and businesses across the U.S., even in the Evansville, Indiana area. Since mini-splits use heat pump technology, they’re a viable home comfort option in both cold and hot climates. So the answer is ‘no,’ you don’t have to turn off your mini-split when the weather turns cold.

You may still have questions, though, about when or where mini-splits can be used; and some might be hesitant to consider mini-splits because of the overall mystery that surrounds them, especially when it comes to mini-split system maintenance. 

All home heating sources need to be properly cared for and maintained for optimal performance. A mini-split is no different. Regular mini split system maintenance is necessary for efficiency and to maximize the lifespan of the equipment. A mini-split system will have at least one outdoor unit, with up to a maximum of four indoor units for each one. 

To keep the entire system running well, each component needs to be checked and cleaned bi-annually. While not a hard and fast rule, it’s best to have the system maintained before the beginning of each seasonal use.

Mini-split System Maintenance Usually Includes:

  • Cleaning the indoor unit’s filter to keep indoor air clean and flowing freely. 
  • Cleaning and checking the condenser coils for good airflow and to be sure no mold or mildew is evident.
  • A comprehensive inspection by a professionally trained HVAC technician.

Brackett Heating & Air has the experience and knowledge to keep your mini-splits in top shape all year long. Call Brackett today to schedule your mini-split or complete heating system maintenance appointment.