It’s National Fire Prevention Week – Why Furnace Maintenance is Key

national fire prevention week

It’s National Fire Prevention Week – Why Furnace Maintenance is Key

It’s fire prevention week! Furnace maintenance should be at the top of your end of summer or early fall to do list every year, but since this is national fire prevention week, Brackett Heating & Air is taking this opportunity to emphasize this all-important home maintenance task. 

Some homeowners may blow off furnace maintenance as unnecessary. The truth is, and HVAC experts and manufacturers agree: Regular furnace maintenance is vital to keep your heating system running efficiently for the long-term. In fact, it’s wise to have an inspection and cleaning before using either heat or cooling. 

Evansville, Indiana winters tend to be cold, wet and windy. Keep your loved ones comfortable and safe this year by ensuring your furnace is good to go when you need it. 


  • Most HVAC manufacturers require annual cleaning and inspection for both heat and cool to keep their warranties intact. 
  • During the inspection a trained technician will have the opportunity to find any broken or malfunctioning parts and repair them, avoiding the possibility of greater damage being done.
  • Regular cleaning will help lengthen the lifespan of your heating system. A furnace typically lasts 15 – 20 years. Be proactive by treating yours well and get the most from your equipment for years to come.
  • Since your furnace blows hot air into and around your home, dirty furnace filters will allow dust and allergens to go rampant indoors. Furnace maintenance includes changing dirty filters, making your inside environment healthier and safer for your loved ones.
  • An efficiently running furnace provides the most comfortable temperatures inside and will help keep utility costs under control.

Don’t take chances with a dirty heating system. Brackett Heating & Air offers maintenance packages to ensure your furnace is operating at its best, and our trained NATE technicians are ready to complete a thorough cleaning and inspection. Call Brackett today and schedule your furnace maintenance now before the realities of the cold, wet Indiana winter sets in.