Is It Time to Call Our Evansville Furnace Repair?

Cold weather is coming to Indiana in about a week! Have you turned on your furnace lately to see if it is ready for the winter? Many people wait until it’s already cold outside to check their furnaces, and if something goes wrong, that means you’ll be in the cold until our team can get there to help you. While our Evansville furnace repair team can get there quickly to get your heat back on, having your furnace checked out before the weather turns cold will save you time and trouble.

While it’s obvious that you need to call us when there is no heat, there are other times you’ll want to give our team a call. If your furnace is taking a long time to warm up or if some rooms never get warm, call us. That’s a sign that your furnace may not be working at maximum efficiency, meaning it’s working harder and costing you more without getting you the results you should be seeing. It’s a good idea to call our Evansville furnace repair team at the beginning of the winter season to perform a routine maintenance check, too, because we may be able to head off problems at the pass.

Whatever you need for your furnace, the Brackett team is here to help! We’ll make sure you stay warm and comfortable inside your home during our long Indiana winters. If you are experiencing problems, need to do your yearly maintenance, or suspect your furnace could be going out, give us a call today for an appointment. We’ll come out and get you back up and running in no time!