Can Mini Splits Both Heat & Cool?

Can Mini Splits Both Heat & Cool?

When it comes to mini-split home comfort systems, there is no more versatile equipment. Also known as mini-split heat pump systems, the mini-split can provide both cooling and heating in a number of home use applications. In addition to their versatility, the small size of a mini-split system plus the fact that they are ductless, make mini-splits an attractive choice for homeowners. 

If your home has hot or cold spots, meaning some areas just aren’t as comfortable as you’d like in either heating or cooling season, a mini-split may be just what you need to up the total comfort level all year long. The temperature is managed with zoned programming so customizing to satisfy the occupants has never been easier. 

Sunrooms or three-season rooms are just too cold during our Mid-Western winters. With a mini-split, you can provide heat to the area, giving you more enjoyable living space all year long. 

Home additions are another great use for a mini-split. Installing ductwork to tie a new or remodeled area into your existing comfort system can be costly. The mini-split will work independently from your existing HVAC system to provide either heat or cool to specific rooms. With a mini-split system no ductwork is required; and, if you have multiple rooms or areas in which you want to use a mini-split, up to four indoor condensers can be tied to one outdoor unit, giving you lots of bang for your buck.

With no ductwork to allow for energy loss due to leaks, and since each indoor unit has its own thermostat for customized climate control, a mini-split system may improve energy efficiency by up to 30%, overall. 

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