Best Type of Heating System For Indiana Homes

Best Type of Heating System For Indiana Homes

What Type of Residential Heating System Is Best in Indiana?

Compared to some of our Midwestern neighbors, the Evansville, Indiana area enjoys relatively mild winters. It gets cold, for sure, but the lows rarely fall below the mid 20s. Even so, you need to know your family will be cozy and warm indoors when it’s frigid outside. Brackett Heating & Air can help find you the perfect heating system solution for your home. 

If you’re in the market for a new heating system, you may be wondering which heating system will deliver the highest level of comfort, is eco-friendly and is able to save you money on utility bills? Brackett offers a variety of heating solutions to meet your specific circumstances. One of the most popular and economical options available for residential heating is the heat pump

Heat pumps operate by electricity making them a clean energy home heating option. Compared to gas or oil-fired furnaces, heat pumps can significantly reduce carbon emissions into the environment, making them a very eco-friendly choice for home heating. 

You may have also heard of an air source heat pump. The air source heat pump uses standard heat pump technology but must work much harder when temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an option in our area as part of a dual heat system, but not as a single primary unit.

So Why Choose a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are relatively inexpensive to operate. Since they run off electricity, the power source is readily available for residences. All heating systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency and operation. Maintaining a heat pump is relatively easy. Another big plus for the heat pump heating system is it also provides air conditioning in the warmer months. You’ll no longer need a separate AC unit; a heat pump can do it all!

Whether your current heating system needs maintenance or a repair or your old, inefficient heating system just needs to go, Brackett Heating & Air has a solution for you.

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