Advantages of Heat Pumps in Indiana

Advantages of Heat Pumps in Indiana

Advantages of Heat Pumps in Indiana

Heating is an absolute necessity during a Southern Indiana winter. Lucky for us though, Vanderburgh County tends to be the warmest area in the state. The average lowest temperature in the colder months is about 25 degrees Fahrenheit in January. Compared to our northern neighbors, who see much colder temperatures and more wintry precipitation, we have several affordable options to keep our homes toasty warm all season long.  Did you know heat pump technology is always improving? So much so that newer cold weather heat pumps can keep a home comfortable even in the extreme cold of the Arctic. Thankfully, Evansville doesn’t have to worry about temperatures like those in the far northern hemisphere! Even so, a new heat pump installation may be just the ticket for you to save on energy costs and keep your family comfortable this winter season. 

Why Consider a Heat Pump Installation?

There are several advantages to using heat pump technology for your home comfort system. Notice, we didn’t exclusively mention heat alone. That’s because an economical heat pump can efficiently provide both heating and cooling, making that advantage number one: a heat pump provides the versatility of providing top shelf comfort all year long, regardless of the weather outside.

Other pros to contacting Brackett Heating & Air for a heat pump installation include:

  • A properly sized heat pump can be up to 300% efficient compared to a gas furnace that is only about 98% efficient. 
  • During the summer, heat pumps are much better at controlling indoor humidity. Proper humidity is good not only for your comfort and health, but it’s also better for your carpets, basements or crawl spaces and furnishings.
  • Depending on the unit you choose, the upfront costs for a heat pump installation may be higher, but the overall cost-savings benefit usually outweighs the higher install expenses. 

There are other good reasons to consider a heat pump installation, including the options of choosing an air-source or a ground-source heat pump. The trained professionals at Brackett Heating & Air would be happy to explain the pros and cons of either choice so you can make the best decision for your home situation.

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