A Professional Will Discover and Repair Those Inefficiencies in Your Evansville Home’s AC Unit that Waste Your Money

It’s that time of year when we wonder how long the next heat wave will last. It could be even worse the next time around as you could experience near triple digits for seemingly weeks on end. You have central air and a couple of window units as backup, so you are relatively confident you can ride out the heat wave in comfort. However, you know it costs a whole lot of money to run your air conditioning and that can be troublesome. Here are a few tips to help keep those energy bills a little more manageable.

If you have a programmable thermostat, by all means learn how to utilize it. During the day, when nobody but the dog is at home, set your temperature a little higher. An adjustment of just a couple of degrees will make all the difference in the world.

Whether you have central air or window units, do not forget to change those filters as recommended. Those dirty filters are robbing you of your hard earned money by making your cooling systems work harder than necessary.

If you have a central air unit, have it maintenanced by a professional every year. A professional will discover and repair those inefficiencies in your Evansville home’s AC unit that waste your money.

It just might make sense to utilize a window unit in one or two rooms. Having a window unit running in your bedroom all night will cost a lot less than having the central unit cooling the whole house.

Finally, keep in mind that efficiency matters. Whether you are buying a central air system or a window unit, buy an Energy Star. The energy you save is money in your pocket.